The Grammar Pro

“Don’t seek for everything to
happen as you wish it would,
but rather wish that everything
happens as it actually will—then
your life will flow well.”

— Epictetus

Test Prep

I tutor the reading, writing, and essay sections of the SAT and ACT exclusively. I do not tutor the math or science sections; however, I do have a tutor I highly recommend that I would be happy to connect you with.

The sobering fact is that most students in the U.S. do not recieve adequate reading, writing, or grammar instruction in primary and secondary school. If grammar is taught, it's usually taught poorly. I can radically improve a student’s score through grammar instruction, but that only solves half the problem: most of the questions on the SAT are about the text itself, requiring an understanding of writing functionality as well as a well-rounded academic vocabulary. Such knowledge and understanding can only be gained through motivated participation in thoughtful reading and writing instruction. For a variety of reasons, very little of this occurs in public, even private, schools today.

As a result, when most high school students attempt the SAT or ACT, typically at the beginning of their junior year, they perform poorly. Not only is the material difficult and the pace excessive, but the tests (especially the SAT) are also specifically designed to trick students. It's the perfect storm.

Consequently, in order to perform well on the SAT and ACT reading and writing sections, most students have to play catchup—fast. The good news is that, with the right mindset, coaching, and work ethic, I have seen students make dramatic improvements to their scores. To find out more about my methods and curriculum, click or tap the button below.

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