More Student Kudos


“He taught me new things about how sentences work and their parts, as well as going through the SAT problems I missed. He helped me figure out the best way to take the SAT, for example in the reading section I usually have about 15 minutes left so he told me to take at least 45 seconds per question which helped me bump up my score by about 100 points!”

— Courtney

“Jack is very good at teaching me English. I’ve learned so much from him as he keeps me very motivated to learn!!”

— Susu

“Jack is excellent in monitoring your progress, giving tips on content you commonly miss, as well as just being enthusiastic to see you in the meeting. I felt secure and confident that I would do well on my test."

— Jaxon

“Jack was great, I’ll continue to use the things he taught me about the writing process in the future. 11/10!!"

— Josh

“Jack was very patient and attentive! He did a great job helping me with my assignment. I will definitely be back this semester with help on other homework/essays.”

— Anonymous Back