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“We undervalue our experiences
because they are so familiar to us …
But these are the anecdotes that
strike responsive chords, that are
most authoritative and carry the
highest veracity …

— Reid Buckley

College Essays

Though it will not replace a poor GPA or lack of meaningful extracurriculars, a well-written college essay can really set you apart from the crowd. Though most students are familiar with the routine dictum “show don’t tell,” many produce essays that read like resumes: lists of achievements along with familiar, uninspired repetitions of ensuing skills, abilities, and platitudes.

Inevitably, if you convey even the faintest attempt at thoughtful reflection—actually thinking about the specifics of your experience—you are likely to wake up an admissions official; only then can you convince them how great a person you are. And so we come to the principal aims of any good college essay:

How do you write it? By giving concrete and specific answers to two important questions:

The answers to these questions are what every good college really cares about. They want to know how you have come to look at the world and your purpose within it on the cusp of this important chapter in your life. An honest attempt to grasp how specific experiences have led you to this purpose will make you come across as an earnest, thoughtful, highly motivated, altruistically minded individual. If you do it right, admission to this particular university will seem like the natural next step towards a career that will have a veritable impact on human welfare.

Naturally, writing such an essay can be fairly difficult. That’s why I’m here. My job is to help you tease out those specifics, to guide you through weaving them together into a cohesive narrative, and to teach you how to express your ideas in clear, confident, grammatically-correct language.

And for those who feel like they may have nothing to say, you’re simply mistaken. I’ve never met a student who didn’t have something substantial. You’re just an uncut diamond. Everything you need is already there; I’m just going to help you bring it out.

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